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Revenue Management

Our end-to-end revenue management services help scale a hotelier’s business to growing heights. Management is a broad term that includes strategic distribution, smart pricing, competitor awareness, implementation of analytics and performance data to forecast consumer behaviour, operational management, and more. Our services are dedicated to offering businesses a competitive advantage and driving optimised revenues.


Public Relations

Enjoy unparalleled marketing efforts to strengthen your business narrative. We at Lamb Friday are focused on creating visibility and boosting credibility for hotels. Our PR activities and robust communication strategies propel businesses in a competitive environment. We establish meaningful relationships, build a positive media image, and implement robust marketing campaigns (both digital and offline) to inspire marketing and sales.

Offline Sales

Multi-channel marketing is evident in the present age of technology. We, at Lamb Friday, are dedicated to transforming businesses with effective marketing strategies to leg up sales and revenue. Our proficiency in integrating qualitative revenue management and streamlining upselling strategies drives reservations and lucrative outturns for businesses. We also initiate demand channels to maximise sales and business for hotels.


Budget Forecast

We curate pricing strategies, look at the depths of inventory distribution, and analyse relevant operational costs to assist businesses in scaling up and meeting financial targets. It is no surprise that the hotel industry is constantly evolving. We perform in-depth research and gather accurate market data before predicting and curating an annual budget for hotels. With several years of expertise, our team will assist you in enhancing the hotel's efficiency and driving profits with proper monthly analysis reports. We help you to grow your business while managing the revenue and budget simultaneously.

OTA Management

We help hoteliers leverage the power of OTA’s to skyrocket exposure, generate bookings, and boost revenues. In the present realms of business, distribution channels, or OTAs, scale up a hotel’s visibility to a wide range of consumers and travellers across geographies. Our expertise in the web-based marketplace equips businesses with the right strategies to streamline and manage distribution channels from a single central point, fix upon a dynamic pricing strategy, and explore greater profitability.


Online Reputation Management

We empower businesses in hospitality with efficient strategies to influence the public perception and image of brands. Our team of experts analyses, addresses, and monitors the online reputation of businesses, giving brands an edge in the competitive hospitality industry. Since reputation has a direct impact on sales volumes, we exercise marketing and strategic efforts to ensure that brands maintain a visually appealing online presence and influence prospective booking decisions.